Trump on George Will: Take Away The Glasses And He Looks Like A Dumb Guy


Donald Trump takes several shots at columnist George Will for underestimating him as a Republican candidate for president.

DONALD TRUMP: I started at like 2 or 3 and then it went to 6 and then it went to 9. And each time the pundits, these real geniuses back here, some of them are sitting right back there. These real geniuses like George Will with the little glasses. Take away the glasses, he looks like a dumb guy, I'm telling you.

But each time these geniuses would say, 'Well, he's reached his plateau. He's plateaued at 6, right?' Then it goes to 11. 'Well, you know, this is surprising, but he's reached his plateau.' And them it goes to 18. Then it went to 22, 24, 28, then it went to 32, then it went actually to 42 in the Gravis poll. And in Reuters, we got to 42 and even a little above that. And all of a sudden, you didn't hear so much of a plateau. I want to plateau at 42, you know, 42 with like 14 people, that's pretty good. But they kept saying, if he plateaued, that's all he'll get.

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