Trump: "I Was Total Establishment, Now I'm The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To The Establishment"


At a campaign stop at Liberty University on Monday presidential hopeful Donald Trump said other candidates can't be trusted because they will make decisions based on campaign donations. Trump gave a hypothetical situation where a President Jeb Bush would be hesitant to make a judgment until he clears it with donors who would be affected.

"Let's say if a stiff like Jeb Bush is president," Trump theorized. "Okay? Let's say Jeb Bush is president. Low-energy person, but that's okay. Let's say Jeb becomes president. Look, Jeb is president. They'll go to him. He has $128 million that he got from donors, special interests, everybody. Lobbyists. So Ford will hire one of the lobbyists."

Trump said he knows how the game is played because he used to be on the "other side." The Republican frontrunner said he used to be "total establishment" and now he's the "worst thing that ever happened to the establishment:

TRUMP: Look, I know this game better than anybody. I've been playing this game for a long time, folks, from the other side. I changed sides. I was total establishment. Now I'm like the worst thing that ever happened to the establishment. Because I understand the game! So now, they go to, let's say, Jeb. They say Mr. President, this is very bad thing. I agree it is bad, we have to do this, we can't allow this to happen. Then he is going to get a call from his lobbyist or his special interest, 'Mr. President, they gave you $5 million! You can't not make this deal!'...

Another one is going to call, Mr. President, they gave you $2 million. You've got to take care of Ford! Alright, I'll do it. That's the end. We lose the jobs and all the different things. With me, they're going to equal.

Trump told students, who were required to attend the event or face a fine, he wants to see a woman president, just not Hillary Clinton.

"By the way, Hillary, just as bad, even worse," Trump said of lobbyist influence. "They're going to call Hillary and they're going to say Madam President -- by the way, I want to see a woman president soon. But not her. She's a disaster. She's a disaster. She's a disaster. Just think of the corruption and the scandal. We don't want to go through it. You just don't want to go through it. We want to see winning. We want to see win, win, win."

Trump then gave his oft-repeated line that Americans will get tired of "winning" under a President Trump.

"You'll see if I'm president," Trump began, "you'll say, 'Please, Mr. President, Mr. President, we're winning too much. I can't stand it. Can't we have a loss?' And I say no, we're going to keep winning, winning, winning because we're going to make America great again."

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