Donald Trump Booed For Attacking Ted Cruz At SC Tea Party Convention


Speaking at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition convention on Saturday, Donald Trump may have gone too far for some conservative voters.

"You give campaign contribution to Ted Cruz, he'll give you whatever the hell you want," Trump said, echoing his attacks on the other candidates. "Okay, whatever you want, and he's a very nice man, but you have to get--"

Drawing several boos and jeers from the crowd, Trump paused before continuing, "well, well you have to get, well excuse me."

Responding again to jeers, he continued, saying: "He didn't report his bank loans. Excuse me. Didn't report his bank loans, what do you want? He didnt report his bank loans from Goldman Sachs, he's got bank loans from Citibank folks, and then he acts like Robin Hood, say whatever you want."

As can be seen in the last minute of the full speech, Trump immediately ends his speech and leaves.

Full speech below via PSB Satellite News, this portion happens at the very end:

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