Chuck Todd: "This Was The Bernie Sanders Debate"; "Hillary Clinton Was Wrapping Herself In President Obama"


NBC News' Chuck Todd analyzes Sunday night's Democratic presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina moderated by Lester Holt and Andrea Mitchell. Todd said Bernie Sanders dominated the debate and declared the Vermont Senator the victor. Todd commented in instance after instance Hillary Clinton wrapped herself in President Obama while Bernie Sanders did not.

"I think this is going to be known as the Bernie Sanders debate," Todd said.

"Yeah, it was all focused on Bernie Sanders," Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson agreed.

"Normally if you were the Clinton campaign and they heard us say, 'Boy, Bernie Sanders [did a great job],' they would say, 'what about us?' But I guess the sense that they are okay with that. They want to see how he holds up in the spotlight," Todd commented.

"Sometimes we talk about people wrapping themselves in the flag," Todd observed. "Hillary Clinton was wrapping herself in President Obama tonight."

"There is instance after instance, like, 'I plan on building upon what President Obama did.' Where it was Dodd-Frank, whether it was health care, and it was clearly designed to say, Bernie Sanders, he's not wrapping himself in Obama," the Meet the Press moderator said.

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