Bernie Sanders: David Brock Is Not A "Clinton Ally," He Is Head Of Their Super PAC


Bernie Sanders speaks with CNN's Jake Tapper about Hillary Clinton's attacks about health care, and Clinton surrogate David Brock's investigation into Sanders' own health.

Let's start with this call from David Brock, a Clinton ally, for you to release your medical records. Why does your campaign consider this "vile and desperate"?

BERNIE SANDERS: First of all, David Brock is not a "Clinton ally," he is head of their Super PAC, that recieves millions of dollars from wealthy interests.

Second, of course we're going to release our medical records, thank god I am very healthy, we will get our medical records out the same way Sec. Clinton got her records out...

I mean, Chelsea Clinton is a very, very smart and capable young woman. I'm sure she loves her mother and she's trying to do everything she can to make sure her mom wins. That's pretty natural. I have got four kids, seven grandchildren. They're rooting for me. But I was a little disappointed that what Chelsea said was simply not accurate. The issue that she was raising is that, in Republican conservative states, a Medicare-for-all bill would not be implemented. That's not accurate. If a state does not go forward, under my 2013 legislation, the federal government steps in… We -- I, you know, have a lot of respect for her. But her campaign should not be suggesting that my ideas will leave millions of people without health insurance. In fact, the opposite is true.

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