Maher: Idea That Syrian Refugees Will Come To America And Fit In Is A "Fantasy;" Obama Won't Say "Islamic Terror"


Bill Maher criticizes proponents of allowing Syrian refugees to seek asylum in the United States and Europe on his HBO show Real Time. Maher returned Friday night after a 2 month hiatus. Cornel West, a guest on his panel, and Maher sparred over the threat with West saying the refugees only represent a 'slice' of Muslims in Europe.

Maher said he was opposed to Syrian refugees leaving the region since the beginning and believes "a lot of people are coming around to that position."

When Maher was accused of "indicting" all Muslims as not "peace loving," he responded the problem isn't him indicting some Muslims, it's that no one is indicting any Muslims.

Maher, talking about Trump's ban on Muslim immigrants, acknowledged "this is the one issue that Democrats are going to lose the election on." Maher criticized Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton and President Obama for not being able to say "Islamic terrorism."

BILL MAHER: I have to say this is a problem with American thinking, on both sides. It's noble that [Ambassador Christopher Stevens] didn't want a lot of people there because, 'Hi, I'm an American, I'm your friend.' But, insisting that people around the world who are not like us are going to be like us -- this was Bush's mistake in Iraq. Was it not?

'They want freedom.' Well, freedom may not be on the top of their list of what they really want. And I think we saw this recently in Cologne, Germany. When all of the Syrian refugees were going to Europe I wasn't for it. And I think a lot of people are coming around to that position...

If people don't know what happened New Year's Eve in Cologne, Germany, and a number of other cities in Europe, some of these refugees, some of these Muslim men -- and of course we're talking about people who come from very misogynistic cultures. Their cultures are not like ours.

I don't understand why liberals don't stand up for liberal values...

It's not a criminal element unless you are willing to indict the entire society as criminals. There is polling on this. A great many Muslims around the world are for Sharia law. You know what is in Sharia laws. Cutting off the hands for thievery. Putting women to death for adultery. Putting people to death for leaving their religion. Women are not equal citizens. These are not criminal activities in Muslim society, these are activities.

So the idea that when Syrian refugees come to European countries or to America that they are going to completely fit in is a fantasy.

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