Chris Matthews: "There Are Reagan Democrats Waiting To Vote For Trump," Pennsylvania Is In Play


MSNBC's Chris Matthews said there are Reagan Democrats across the country that are just "waiting" to vote for Donald Trump. Matthews even conceded his home state of Pennsylvania, once a swing state that has consistently voted Democratic in the last several election cycles, is "in play" if Trump is the Republican nominee for president.

"I think there's a lot of Reagan Democrats waiting to vote for him," Matthews said on the Friday broadcast of his MSNBC show Hardball. "I think Pennsylvania might well be in play if he's the nominee because he's unpredictable. Whereas you get Cruz up there you put him over on the far right, Hillary takes the center back, right? And you win."

Roll Call's Jonathan Allen said there is a "divide" among Democrats when it comes to Hillary Clinton facing off against Trump. Allen reported some believe she will wipe the floor with the Republican frontrunner, however, he said there is "increasing" concern among key Democrats that Trump could attract Democrats.

"There's absolutely a divide among the Democrats," Allen said. "There are some who think he will still fail and fall and some who believe he has the lowest floor among the Republican candidates, that Hillary Clinton will wipe the floor with him if she's the nominee. But increasingly what I'm hearing from people is there's some concern that he could attract some Democrats. He has the most un-Republican positions in the Republican party."

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