Hannity vs. Stephen F. Hayes: You've Been Consistently Wrong About Trump


Sean Hannity calls out Stephen F. Hayes of The Weekly Standard for being consistently wrong about Donald Trump's demise. The two argue Trump's electability against Hillary Clinton on a special edition of FOX News' Hannity after the FOX Business debate in Charleston, South Carolina. While Hayes concedes he has been wrong, he calls out other FOX News contributors who have been "Trump boosters."

STEPHEN F. HAYES: Look I didn't think Donald Trump was going to be a competitor for the Republican nomination. He is clearly a competitor so maybe who I thought I understood before maybe I'm not understanding. I don't think he'd have the kind of enduring cross party appeal that Peter [Johnson Jr.] and Monica [Crowley] do.

SEAN HANNITY: You have been, for six months you and others have been harsh against Donald Trump and every prediction he's going to fall on his face has proven false, he's sustained a lead for six months. That is a stunning performance.

HAYES: Sean, I just said that. I just said that. I'm telling you I underestimated him. You don't take the time to say that Peter has been a Trump booster, that you point out every time I'm on.

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