Andrea Mitchell: Longtime Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Telling Me They Are Getting "Worried"


Andrea Mitchell tells MSNBC's Chris Matthews long time Hillary Clinton allies are "getting worried." Mitchell reported the "anger of the younger voter" was a particular concern to supporters.

"Just last night I was talking to a long-time Democrat who worked in that race (1972 Democratic presidential primary) who said you know, this really reminds me of 1972 and Ed Muskey and McGovern and the income disparity, Wall Street, all those issues are this cycle's Vietnam war," Mitchell said Friday on MSNBC.

"The anger of the younger voter," Mitchell said, "Boy, that was exactly the comment. I can tell you that a lot of old-time Democrats and Hillary supporters are beginning to say she's got to pick it up and they are beginning to get worried because if you look at the calendar, [Bernie Sanders] can win Iowa, the numbers show it. They decide late but he could win Iowa."

Mitchell commented it would be ironic if Hillary Clinton's firewall against Bernie Sanders is South Carolina where the Democratic frontrunner is leading in the polls by a wide margin.

"He can obviously win New Hampshire and neighboring Vermont, then Nevada, the caucus state, lot of union people," Mitchell said. "He could win the first three contests and the irony is that her firewall is in the south. To think that Hillary Clinton's firewall would be South Carolina is pretty [ironic]."

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