Ron Paul: Trump, Cruz & Sanders Are "Authoritarians"


Former Rep. Ron Paul talks to NBC's Chuck Todd on Thursday's broadcast of Meet the Press Daily:

CHUCK TODD: Now, there's some parts of your message though, that I think Donald Trump's tried co-op. I think there's some part of your message that Ted Cruz has tried to co-op. Do believe that and have they -- are either one of them speaking to you enough that you could envision supporting them?

RON PAUL: Impossible. I think they're authoritarians and libertarians are non-authoritarians and they -- in the principle and literally -- you know, we sign a pledge saying, "that we will never support anything where you initiate violence against somebody else, the non-aggression principle." And often on, they're all over the place, they don't have a basic a principle and their approaches are different but they want -- they are authoritarians one way or another.

So especially the foreign policy and then it was -- when it comes to the drug war. How many are out there talking about the evils of the drug war and how we throw people -- Rand was the only talked about that. But no, they're pushed aside -- they can't stand to have that in a debate so they put him aside and he doesn't get to present that side.

TODD: So there is only one Republican running that you could support if they become the nominee and that's your son?

PAUL: Well, the ones that are in the races -- that is correct. The others are too engulfed in authoritarianism and which is the whole congress. But I don't look at that from my optimism because I tend to think that there is wonderful things happening because the 20th century buried. You know, the evils of fascism and the evils of communism and the 20th century now is in the process of burying interventionism and keynesianism, and inflationism and federal reserve program. And that is ending, that's what the markets are telling us, that's what we should be talking about.

What kind of revolutionary changes are coming? And this can only be corrected by a non-authoritarian approach, one that we were given and then ignored especially in the last hundred years. Those ideas that the founders gave us many years ago.

TODD: You know, what's intriguing about the various candidates that are running for president -- correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe of all the candidates running Bernie Sanders most often voted for some of your bills than anybody else running in this race? Does that sound right to you?

PAUL: Yes, it could be because we did work together and people would say, "why are you and Bernie you know, agreeing on this issue?" But we would both attack subsidies of corporations but he is an outright authoritarian because on economic matters he would be totally authoritarian for the re-distribution of wealth and just soak it to the rich, even if the rich didn't make on special contracts for the government.

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