Chris Christie Zings Rubio, Steals Question: "You Already Had Your Chance Marco, You Blew It"


"I'd like to inturrupt this debate on the floor of the Senate," N.J. Gov. Chris Christie said in the middle of a shouting match between Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

"Remember everybody? This was a question on entitlements," he continued.

"I'll answer that question," chimed in Rubio.

"No, you already had your chance, Marco," Christie quipped. "You blew it."

CHRISTIE: Maria, I'd like to interrupt this debate on the floor of the Senate to actually answer the question you asked, which was on entitlements. Do you remember that, everybody? This was a question on entitlements.

RUBIO: I'll answer that question.

CHRISTIE: No, you already had your chance, Marco, and you blew it. Here's the thing.

RUBIO: If you'll answer the Common Core question.

CHRISTIE: ... the fact is -- the fact is the reason why that no one wants to answer entitlements up here is because it's hard. It's a hard problem. And I'm the only one up on this stage who back in April put forward a detailed entitlement reform plan that will save over $1 trillion, save Social Security, save Medicare, and avoid this -- avoid what Hillary Rodham Clinton will do to you.

Because what she will do is come in and she will raise Social Security taxes. Bernie Sanders has already said it. And she is just one or two more poll drops down from even moving further left than she's moved already to get to the left of Bernie on this.

We have seniors out there who are scared to death because this Congress -- this one that we have right now, just stole $150 billion from the Social Security retirement fund to give it to the Social Security disability fund. A Republican Congress did that.

And the fact is it was wrong. And they consorted with Barack Obama to steal from Social Security. We need to reform Social Security. Mine is the only plan that saves over $1 trillion and that's why I'm answering your question.

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