Annie Leibovitz: America Ready For Female President; "Is America Ready For Hillary, That's Another Question"


Annie Leibowitz said she believes the country is ready for a female president and that Hillary Clinton is qualified but was hesitant to say if the United States is ready for her to be president. Leibowitz, one of the world's most recognized portrait photographers, spoke to Bloomberg News earlier this week about Clinton's presidential prospects.

"Is America ready for a female president?" a Bloomberg journalist asked the famed photographer.

"Yes, absolutely," Leibowitz responded. "Is America ready for Hillary Clinton, that's another question."

"It's almost like: let's elect Hillary and move on," the photog said. "It's inevitable the way Obama was inevitable."

"I think she is the best qualified," said Leibowitz. "She is going to present a whole other side of things and with her experience she is the best qualified for president of the United States."

Speaking of how Clinton presents herself publicly, Leibovitz said the former Secretary of State is "trying" to bring that 'real person' out.

"I think you're seeing the real person," Leibovitz said of Clinton. "I think she is trying very hard to be a real person. In the past, you know, sometimes you would see some strange hairdo on her. It's because she doesn't care about that stuff. She doesn't have the time to care about that."

"I think she's being a little more careful about how that is presented," she said. "I think the issue is how she is presented in front of cameras or in front of an audience she is a real person."

"She is trying to bring that 'real person' more out," Leibovitz said.

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