Nikki Haley: Trump "Irresponsible"


Nikki Haley responds to conservative criticism that she used her State of the Union rebuttal to respond to Donald Trump instead of the president.

MATT LAUER, TODAY SHOW: When you were talking about the loudest voices, those angriest voices, in that context, were you referring to donald trump, correct?

GOV. NIKKI HALEY: He was one of them, yes. He was one. There's other people in the media. There's people in my state. I think we're seeing it across the country, But, yes, Mr. Trump has definitely contributed to what I think is just irresponsible talk.

Outspoke conservatives Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter were quick to denounce Haley's focus last night, with Ingraham saying her speech was "more of a rebuttal to Donald Trump" than to the president.

"Even the GOP response to Obama's SOTU is a paean to immigrants," Coulter tweeted. "And GOP can't figure out why Trump is sweeping the country."

Laura Ingraham also weighed in: "Van Jones just praised Nikki Haley speech. Enough said."

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