Ann Coulter: I Was Joking When I Tweeted Trump Should Deport Nikki Haley


HUGH HEWITT: America’s most controversial tweetster, and that would not be hipster, but tweetster is Ann Coulter, author most recently of Adios, America. She joins me now. Welcome back, Ann, you did it again. You set Twitter on fire. You have to stop that. We don’t have enough insurance.

ANN COULTER: (laughing) I know, and it was after a long rest over Christmas and New Year’s, but I came back with a bang.

HH: Now you don’t really want to deport Nikki Haley.

AC: No, that was a joke…

HH: Yes.

AC: …because I was angry at her response to the, I mean, if we could, I’d be open to it, don’t get me wrong. But Hugh, this is really unbelievable. I mean, people always say oh, there’s no Washington establishment. I used to say that when they said it about Mitt Romney, because he wasn’t Washington establishment. He had the toughest position on immigration until Donald Trump rose like a Phoenix. But look at this. The Democratic president gives a speech last night, and the Republicans respond, and both speeches attack Donald Trump. And Nikki Haley going on and on about immigrants, and we need more immigrants, and anyone who’s willing to work should be allowed to emigrate here. Are they not seeing what’s happening with Donald Trump?

HH: Ann, I feel like I’m talking to the arsonist who burned down the building and then is upset with the ashes, because I don’t think, here’s what happened with me. I was in the virtual soundproof booth listening to Nikki Haley for ABC. George came to me right out of the speech, and I said what a great speech. She brought up the noblest moment in recent American history when the victims forgave the killer, and she can be Cruz/Haley, Trump/Haley, Rubio/Haley. She can run with anyone. I heard no anti-Trump stuff at all, and you went on Twitter.

AC: She has admitted it was.

HH: Well, I know she did after the fact.

AC: She was on NBC this morning saying it was directed at Trump.

HH: I, after Matt Lauer asked her a direct question, but I think Ann Coulter started all this. I think this is on you, Ann.

AC: No, that’s crazy. I’m not the only one who reacted that way. When she’s saying, specifically talking about Muslim immigration, and saying well, we just need to vet them, but we can’t look at religion, well, how are you going to vet them?

HH: I’m just talking about the speech last night.

AC: As I also tweeted after saying we should deport her…

HH: I’m just talking about…

AC: I run through, you know, under her vetting system, how do you keep out the San Bernardino killing? How do you…

HH: I’m just talking about the speech last night. I think it was…

AC: That is the speech last night I’m talking about, Hugh.

HH: She did not talk about the Muslim vetting, and being in…

AC: Yes, she did.

HH: She said, she talked about how we have to be open to people coming into the country.

AC: No, she did. You know, I don’t know what, were you at the State of the Union Address? Is that what you’re saying?

HH: No, I was in the little box in a remote studio. I listened to every word of what she said.

AC: Because I must tell you, my friend, Mickey Kaus, told me he was at the Gore-Bush debate where Gore did all the sighing, and he watched it from the press room, and he said you couldn’t hear any of the sighing. Now that’s a more subtle thing, and he talked to his mother afterwards, a big, big, liberal, by the way, who said oh, that Gore’s sighing was annoying. You know, everyone was ticked off at that. I think wherever you were watching it, you missed it, because she expressly said we just need good vetting for Muslims. She expressly said anyone who was willing…

HH: Okay, I missed it.

AC: …to work hard should be allowed to come here. Hugh, anyone who is willing to work here and coming here, that’s, you know, 2 trillion people.

HH: That…and she also said today she is against illegal immigration. She said that in the speech specifically she is against illegal immigration.

AC: Well, that has nothing to do with what I was talking about, or am talking about right now.

HH: And so she’s in favor of…

AC: The San Bernardino shooter was a legal immigrant.

HH: Oh, I agree. I agree.

AC: The Fort Hood shooter was legal.

HH: And the President wants to, we’re cross-talking now. But let me go back to the key thing. I want to talk about Ted Cruz.

AC: The Boston Marathon, legal.

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