Wasserman Schultz: As A Jew, It Is Incumbent Upon Me To Stand With My Persecuted Muslim Brothers


Appearing alongside with Dr. Mohsin Jaffer, a Muslim constituent she invited as her guest to tonight's State of the Union address, DNC chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) told MSNBC it was "incumbent" upon her to stand with Muslims because as a Jew she knows what persecution is. Wasserman Schultz on MSNBC:

I've been appalled as so many of my constituents have been appalled at the vitriol and the hatred and the appalling reactions of some towards Muslims and Muslim-Americans and I felt for me as a member of a minority religion myself, a religion, Judaism, that has been persecuted throughout our existence. It's incumbent upon us to stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters and make sure that we can push back hard on that vitriol and hatred and say absolutely not. Not in the United States of America. These are not American values. No better way than to invite Muslim-American constituents to join us for the most significant speech that is given by the President of the United States all year long and the greatest democratic institution in the world.

"It is not the faith that is bad, it is some miscreants that are doing things in the name of Islam," Dr. Jaffer chimed in.

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