Trump: Germans Are Going To Riot, Overthrow Merkel; Syrian Migrants Could Be "Trojan Horse"


At a rally Tuesday night, dubbed the 'prebuttal' to President Obama's final State of the Union address, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump predicted the German people are going to riot and overthrow Chancellor Angela Merkel after the attacks in Cologne, Germany and the number of Syrian refugees she is letting into the nation. Trump was in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Trump pointed out a lot of the Syrian refugees are "young, strong" males and warned, but doubted, that allowing them to migrate to the West could be a "trojan horse."

TRUMP: We have a little situation that could be a trojan horse. You look at what is happening in Germany. Cologne never had a problem. Cologne, Germany. Okay? Everything's fine. Everything's nice. Clean. Beautiful. No problem. Now they are having riots, they're having rapes.

Have you heard about the New Year's Eve [attack]? It was like a disaster. And the German people are going to riot. The German people are going to end up overthrowing [Angela Merkel]. I don't know what the hell she is thinking. But they have millions of people pouring into Germany, now they're not stopping them. Now I guess they are going to have to stop them because the German people aren't going to put up [with it].

And our leaders want to have -- I don't believe you want to have -- people coming in from migration from Syria. And when you look at that migration, it's very unusual. I look at it and I see so many men and they are young. They look like they should be on the wrestling team. And they are young and they're strong and you don't see that many women, that many children. It's sort of a weird deal. It's the migration. You see all these young, strong people and they are mostly men and I say what's going on.

I've noticed that, in all fairness to you news guys, I noticed that three or four months ago when it all started. And I said, 'what's going on?' And who knows what it is. You know, the famous trojan horse. Is this a trojan horse? I doubt it, but it could very well be.

Trump proposed creating a 'safe zone' in Syria, funded by the Gulf states, where the refugees can stay while the war against ISIS is fought. Trump said America is the "stupid sucker" because "we always pay."

TRUMP: And they don't have paperwork. They have no documentation whatsoever. They have no documentation. We're bringing them into this country? We don't know who they are. And you look at what happens in California. And you look at some of the things that happened including, you know, flying airplanes into the World Trade Center. Why are we doing this?

Build a safe zone in Syria. Get the Gulf states, who have a tremendous amount of money -- Saudi Arabia was making $1 billion a day before oil went down. So now they are making half. Okay? They're making a lot. Get them to pay. The other ones aren't paying. We're paying. We always pay. We're the sucker. We're the sucker. We're like the stupid sucker. And we're not going to pay anymore for all this stuff.

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