Lanny Davis: Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton a "Ridiculous Analogy"


Clinton supporter Lanny Davis defends Bill Clinton from comparisons made by Donald Trump to Bill Cosby.

MCNBC HOST: Do you think it's fair game when you hear comments... that say what's the real difference between Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby.

LANNY DAVIS: So, again, number one, it's a ridiculous analogy just like Mr. Trump disparaging John McCain. Why we take anything that man says seriously, that's who you just quoted.

Hillary Clinton is running for president and he's attacking Bill Clinton and making ridiculous comparisons about Bill Clinton. What does that have to do with Hillary Clinton? Again, if I'm a woman and I hear Trump attacking a husband as a reason for not voting for a wife, Bill Clinton is popular. He's already been through all of those ridiculous analogies and came out with a 65% approval rating. So those people who were too young to remember will know that Bill Clinton remains one of the most popular people since he left the presidency as well as when he was president.

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