Liz Mair Battles Ann Coulter Over Ted Cruz, Trump: "You Are In No Way Conservative"


Republican strategist Liz Mair and conservative columnist Ann Coulter debate whether or not Ted Cruz should be able to run for president.

LIZ MAIR, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: In 2013, you were out there saying Ted Cruz was a natural-born citizen and eligible to run for office. People can check my Twitter feed, I retweeted your tweet from 2013 today.

ANN COULTER: I changed my mind.

LIZ MAIR: Well you were right the first time...

Ann also said that Mitt Romney was the "perfect" and best Republican candidate.

ANN COULTER: He was, there was no Trump back then.

LIZ MAIR: And she kissed Chris Christie's backside up the wazoo.

ANN COULTER: Until he went bad on immigration.

LIZ MAIR: This is not. Yeah--

ANN COULTER: In fact, my ideal ticket is Trump/Romney. That's what I'm really hoping for. That's the dynamite combo.

LIZ MAIR: And that's the proof right there that you are in no way conservative, and in no way interested in conservative policy.

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