Podesta: Bill Clinton An "Asset For Us"


Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta joins Andrea Mitchell to comment on the close polls, Donald Trump’s attacks, and the role of Bill Clinton in the campaign. Podesta also responded to Bernie Sanders calling Bill Clinton's extramarital behavior "disgraceful." Podesta called Clinton is an "asset" to the campaign.

"[Bernie Sanders] said that he was going to run a positive campaign, that he wasn't going to go in for personal attacks, and I take him at his word on that," Podesta said Monday afternoon on MSNBC. "But I hope he's not thinking about going there, because again, I think what Trump has done to go in the gutter is reprehensible and I think that Bill Clinton remains an asset for us."

"People remember the tremendous job he did as president, particularly on the economy, that when wages were growing for the middle and the bottom, not just for people at the top," Podesta told Mitchell. "So he remains an asset for us and I think that he'll continue to campaign for us."

Podesta also responded to Donald Trump's attack on Clinton being an "enabler" for her husband.

"It's time that this campaign move past it, because the real question is what is Hillary Clinton offering the American people? That's where we want the race to be run. That's what we will continue to do. We are not going to answer these personal attacks from Mr. Trump. That's what I think he wants us to do," Podesta said.

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