NBC News: Clinton Campaign Wants Bill Clinton Off The Campaign Trail


NBC News' Katy Tur reports the Trump campaign believes his attacks on Bill Clinton will cause the Clinton campaign to yank the former president off the campaign trail.

KATY TUR, NBC: Publicly that is a threat against Hillary Clinton, don't bring up anything bad about me, don't call me a sexist because I'm going to bring your husband into this and if you do, that's how I'm going to play it. Privately, though, he tells NBC News, his campaign tells NBC News, that essentially they're trying to get Bill Clinton off the campaign trail. Why is that? Well, experts will tell you Bill Clinton has all the charisma that Hillary Clinton does not have on the campaign trail. Voters like him. Voters are able to relate to him in a way that his wife may not be able to. Donald Trump wants to neutralize him so that if he wins this nomination for the general election, then he'll be able to take her down and win the presidency.

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