Ingraham vs. Juan Williams: When Have Republicans Stopped Obama? They've Given Him Everything He Wanted


Laura Ingraham and Juan Williams argue over President Obama's use of executive orders and how compliant Congressional Republicans have been with passing the president's agenda. Transcript, via FOX News:

WALLACE: But don’t you -- don't you think, George, that just like security keeping getting -- it never goes back, just keeps getting more intrusive as -- as we go on in -- in the world we're living in, that when you get something like this, which is a president expanding the definition of what he can do on his own, that you can never turn back from that?

WILLS: Particularly when he has said he can do anything on his own. What Mr. McDonough said in your interview, he used a wonderful phrase, he said, we are determined -- we’re good players under the separation of powers. We're going to let Congress be heard. Congress isn't to be heard, Congress is to be dispositive.

WILLIAMS: You know what you guys are missing, though?


WILLIAMS: You guys are missing total context here. There would be chaos. Chaos right now.

INGRAHAM: Oh, please.

WILLIAMS: Congress is doing nothing. Zero.


WILLIAMS: Congress obstructs this president, tries this --


WILLIAMS: This grace (ph) --

INGRAHAM: This (ph) is his best friend. What are you talking about?

WILLIAMS: And to somehow put down this president at every turn.

INGRAHAM: Where have they -- where have they blocked Obama?

WILLIAMS: The president responds and you say, why is this president trying to exercise power?


WILLIAMS: He’s trying to do something for the American people.

INGRAHAM: Chris -- Chris, where -- where have Republicans successfully blocked President Obama in the last year.

WILLIAMS: Oh, my gosh.

INGRAHAM: The number one thing that Obama wanted in the last year, the number one thing, for the first six months they devoted to trade, trade promotion authority. They got it. Paul Ryan did big op-eds on it with Ted Cruz at the time. They worked with Obama consistently. The one thing that Obama wanted is to have his administration funded through next -- next year. What did Republicans do? They gave him a $1.1 trillion spending bill that most of these people did not read.

WILLIAMS: Laura, the number one issues that you have --

INGRAHAM: The Republicans have been terrible at checking this president's unbridled authority.

WILLIAMS: Laura, the number one issues that -- that I think that you would have is fighting ISIS in the Middle East. And yet this Congress has not even acted to give authority to this president to go after ISIS.

INGRAHAM: OK. OK. So it’s Congress --

WILLIAMS: That talk about failure of Congress?

INGRAHAM: Wow. Wow. That’s --

WILLIAMS: Talk about Congress abandoning its ranks, George.

INGRAHAM: Yes, well, they actually aren’t the commander in chief.

WILLIAMS: Oh, gotcha (ph).

INGRAHAM: Congress should vote on -- on whether to declare war against ISIS. I totally agree with you.

WILLIAMS: Oh, thank you.


INGRAHAM: All I'm saying is, we can talk about the constitutional separation of powers, checks and balances, but it is up to the opposition party to act like it is a check on the president and this party hasn’t done it.

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