Chuck Todd: Why Won't You Give Your Wealth Away?; Trump: "I Like The Idea Of Keeping The Company Going"


CHUCK TODD: There are a bunch of billionaires around the world. Zuckerberg has signed on, on this idea. They want to basically give away more than half of their wealth, in some point, to philanthropic projects. Carl Icahn is a guy who has signed onto this; good friend of yours--

DONALD TRUMP: Right, who, by the way, endorsed me.

CHUCK TODD: Right, that's what I mean; good friend of yours. Have you thought about--I'm sure people have asked you to sign this, giving pledge--

DONALD TRUMP: They've all asked me. They have all asked me.

CHUCK TODD: Why haven't you done it?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, so far, I'm a little bit old-fashioned. I have wonderful children who are doing a wonderful job and I believe in that. And we employ thousands and thousands of people. And I like the concept of keeping the company going, as opposed to selling everything and giving it away.

So, right away, I mean, perhaps I shouldn't be saying this, but I'm of the old school. I'd like to see my children take this great company that I I've built (and it is a great company), and I'd like to see it go on for a long time, creating jobs, lots of money, pay lots of taxes, give lots of money away. I make lots of big contributions. I like that better.

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