GOP Strategist Alex Castellanos: "No Takers" For My Anti-Trump Campaign; "Too Late" To Stop Trump


Veteran Republican consultant Alex Castellanos tells Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd he has been unable to convince major Republican donors to fund an anti-Trump campaign ad blitz.
Castellanos said there were several factors but the possibility of Cruz being elevated by Trump's demise was something the establishment did not want to risk.

"No takers," Castellanos said about his anti-Trump campaign. "It's too confusing this year for the establishment. It's getting late in the game. If you disqualify Trump, you could help Ted Cruz. "The establishment doesn't want that. If you disqualify Cruz, you could help Trump. So a lot of the establishment is just sitting on the sidelines and I think the moment to go after either has passed."

"Is it too late," Chuck Todd asked?

"It's too late," Castellanos conceded. "And it just -- two-thirds of the party is in one of those guy's pocket. One-third is in the establishment lane."

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