MSNBC: Bernie Sanders Supporters Want To Hear What Donald Trump Has To Say


An MSNBC reporter covering the line outside Donald Trump's campaign event in Burlington, Vermont tonight reports there are Bernie Sanders supporters who want to see the "spectacle" of Trump but also said there are some who want to hear what the candidate has to offer because they are "independent-minded."

"They're proud that they've called themselves registered Independents in the fact that they are really open to a lot of different ideas across the ideological spectrum. There seems to be a pretty good divide. There have been some Bernie Sanders supporters in line who say they're here to see the spectacle in person and they want to hear what Trump has to say to contrast with their candidate," said the reporter.

The line for the event, which does not start until the evening, started to grow early Thursday afternoon.

"He has the same values as us," one person in line said.

"I just want to see what he has to offer," another said.

"He says what everyone else wants to say but is afraid to say... this political correctness is for the birds," one man told MSNBC.

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