Donald Trump on North Korea: "Without China They Wouldn't Be Able To Eat," "We Have Great Power Over China"


DONALD TRUMP: China has total control over them and we have total control over China, if we had people who knew what they were doing, which we don't. We have no leadership in this country.

We have China because of trade. They're sucking our money out of us, they're taking our money like candy from a baby. And China can come out and frankly they will, you know, they say they don't have that much control over North Korea. They have total control, because without China they wouldn't be able to eat.

So China has to get involved. And China should solve that problem. And we should put pressure on China to solve the problem.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN: Because as you know there are almost a million North Korean troops north of the demilitarized zone, almost a million South Korean troops south of the demilitarized zone.

DONALD TRUMP: And we have 28,000 soldiers in the middleof it. And we get paid nothing, we get paid peanuts.

BLITZER: Would you pull them out?

TRUMP: Well, I would want South Korea to pay us a lot of money. We're doing a lot of -- what are we doing? I just ordered 4,000 television sets. They come from South Korea. South Korea is a money machine. They pay us peanuts. We're defending them, and I have many friends from South Korea, they buy my apartments, I do business with them. But South Korea should pay us and pay us very substantially for protecting them.

BLITZER: So you want China basically to handle the North Korea problem.

TRUMP: They can handle them so easily. Now, they don't say that. They say, well, they're not that easy, they're not that easy. They're taunting us, okay. They're playing games with us. I do it all the time. That's the way I deal in business. It's like -- They're playing games with us. China should solve that problem. And if they don't solve that problem, we should be very tough on them with trade.

Meaning start charging them tax, or start cutting them off. You'd have China collapse in about two minutes. We have great power over China, we just don't know how to use it.

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