Hillary Doubles Down on Ignoring Trump After "Enabler" Accusation: I'm Not Responding to "Personal Attacks"


Hillary Clinton responds to Donald Trump calling her Bill Clinton's "enabler" on Tuesday's broadcast of MSNBC's Hardball. Clinton attempted to dodge the question by saying it is her New Year's resolution not to talk about the Republican frontrunner. Clinton used the line Monday at a town hall when she was asked to respond to Trump blaming her for the creation of ISIS.

When asked to respond to Trump's accusation that she was an "enabler" for her husband's extramarital affairs and supposed sexual assault Clinton said, "he can say whatever he wants to say."

"He says you're an enabler," host Chris Matthews said to Clinton. "He's making it personal with you."

"Well, he can say whatever he wants to say," Clinton responded. "I'm going to keep talking about what people talk to me about, and what they talk to me about is what are we going to do about prescription drug pricing?"

Transcript, via MSNBC:

MATTHEWS: Here we are, two-thirds of a century later, and the leading Republican candidate is out saying that you don't have the stamina, the strength. Is this sexism? Is it what it is?

CLINTON: Well, you know, I have a New Year's resolution that…

MATTHEWS: I know, I've heard this. OK, you don't want to talk about it. So how do I phrase this?

CLINTON: I will not respond to his, I will not respond to his, you know…

MATTHEWS: What does it say about the Republican…?

CLINTON: …personal attacks, yeh.

MATTHEWS: OK, let me try to phrase it. I feel like a lawyer now. How do I rephrase. How does the Republican Party deal with the fact they're voting for this guy? That 35 percent of people are supporting him and, even though he's making these charges which a lot of people would say are -- why would he go after your stamina, rather than Bill's stamina, or George McGovern's stamina, or anybody else's, except you're a woman?

CLINTON: Well, look…

MATTHEWS: He's older than you.

CLINTON: That's true.

MATTHEWS: I'm older than you. I'm -- my stamina…

CLINTON: That's true, that's true.

MATTHEWS: …is all right. So, why is he doing this?

CLINTON: Why does he do whatever he does? I, I can only tell you what I hear from people. And what I hear from people is really about their lives and their future. I mean a lot of this back and forth that goes on…

MATTHEWS: I know, but he's winning.

CLINTON: …in the political universe… Well, we'll see, we'll see. We haven't had a single caucus, we haven't had a single primary. The Republicans will have to choose whoever they decide to be their nominee, and I'm looking forward, if I am so fortunate to be the nominee, to run against whoever they put up. I'm just going to keep working really hard, like right out there today. You know, getting people to caucus for me, connecting them up with my great organizers. I have an amazing team here. And we're just going to work as hard as we can to make my case.

MATTHEWS: He ain't going to stop. He did an interview with my colleague, Joe Scarborough this morning. It's going to air tomorrow morning. He's out there again saying he's going after your family. He says it's fair to go after them.

CLINTON: Well, I just wonder…

MATTHEWS: He's just going to keep doing it.


MATTHEWS: He says you're an enabler. He's making it personal with you.

CLINTON: Well, he can say whatever he wants to say. I'm going to keep talking about what people talk to me about, and what they talk to me about is what are we going to do about prescription drug pricing?

MATTHEWS: By the way, you're good on that one. That's so true.

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