Chuck Todd: Trump Voters Are Like "Reagan Democrats," Can't Win General Election Without Them


On MSNBC Monday afternoon, NBC's Chuck Todd said Republicans cannot win a general election without Donald Trump voters, likening them to Reagan Democrats.

Todd, moderator of Meet the Press, reacting to a statement from RNC chairman Reince Priebus defending Trump, said trashing Trump voters will cause them to stay home and hand the election to Democrats.

"I’m not one of these people that think that Donald Trump can’t win a general election," Priebus said according to The Washington Post. "I actually think there is a huge crossover appeal there to people that are disengaged politically that he speaks to.… Trump taps into the culture. Some people in politics don’t get it, don’t understand it, are frustrated by it. It doesn’t matter. He does."

"Republicans don't win general elections without Donald Trump's voters," Todd said on MSNBC. "These folks have been frequent general election voters. They haven't been frequent not primary voters."

"We used to call them Reagan Democrats," Todd said of Trump supporters. "There's been different names given over the years. Certainly working class. Whatever you want to classify them today, it's the same chunk of voters who have not been involved in primary politics in the past."

"And that's why there has been skepticism with traditional Republicans, 'Well, maybe they won't come to the polls.' But you can't alienate them. You alienate them and they stay home then Republicans won't win general elections. Reince Priebus is being the correct party leader here. You don't want to trash Trump supporters," Todd explained.

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