Trump: Mainstream Media Lying About Terrorist Video Featuring Me, Ignores ISIS Video Calling Bill Clinton A "Degenerate"


DONALD TRUMP: I watched NBC this morning, and it was a total lie what they said, maybe she was wrong, maybe she was right, because it wasn't done then. She said it was ISIS, it was al-Shabaab, and of course at some point they're going to do something, I'm the frontrunner by a lot, so they're going to do something, what does that mean, we're not supposed to speak about the enemy, everybody knows everyone is going to be in a propaganda. Her husband is in a propaganda. Part of ISIS's, I think it's an ISIS. They put him down as a "degenerate."

So, you know, its like, one of those things. But it wasn't ISIS, it wasn't made at the time. She lied.

But I watched mainstream media -- ABC and NBC, and the way they cover it, and frankly, CNN, they covered it so inaccurately, it was disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves.

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