Trump: Today Hillary Gave A Speech And Didn't Mention Me Or Sexism, "I Wonder Why?"


Six of the most hard-hitting minutes of Donald Trump stage remarks yet targeting Hillary Clinton.

DONALD TRUMP: Hillary is a disaster. Hillary is controlled by her money. So is Jeb, by the way. I'm the only one self-funding my campaign.


She's always so theatrical. Trump said this and that, ugh, and you just. I actually, I shouldn't do it -- I just have to turn off the television some of the time. She gives me a headache.

Although, I think last night I gave her a big headache. I can imagine those discussions. But you have to hit back hard and you can't let them push you around.

Today she gave a speech and she never even mentioned my name -- I wonder why.

I was mentioned nine times in the [most recent DNC] debate. Everything, all of them, her. None of the other candidates were mentioned.

And then she came out with the sexism, which is nonsense, but she is playing that card.

And then I had to hit her back and I talked about her husband and the abuse of women. It's horrific abuse. And I talked about that

And now today on the television they're going crazy.

She gets up, makes a speech, doesn't even mention me or sexism. I wonder why. I wonder why!


Remember all those people who are gone? Look at the people I focused on, I don't want to knock them. I don't want to name names, but they are all the people who attacked me.

Wouldn't it be nice if our country could have that same thing? You attack, boom, you're gone.

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