Donald Trump: "These Politicians Are All Talk," "It Is All Bullshit"


DONALD TRUMP: I started off talking about trade, Obamacare, all that stuff, believe me, I can do that stuff so easy. You're gonna be so happy. At the end of a couple of years you'll say wow, what a difference!

But it really ended up --and then, I just saw this, the new CNN poll: "Who is #1 with handling ISIS?" Trump, 46%.

No, think of it, because they know I don't mess around.

They know these politicians are all talk, no action, it is all bullshit, right?

All bullshit.

So, on ISIS, Trump gets 46%, The rest of these people are down in the low numbers...

Illegal immigration, Trump almost 50%.

On the budget I get 51%, but we expect that, I'm good at that stuff.

And the economy, 56%, I blow everybody out.

But OK, we know that.

But what's happened is, people want security, they want safety. They want security.

Make our country great again, make our country safe again.


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