John Kasich: "Everybody's All Hyped Up" About Trump Polls, But I've Done 45 Town Halls In New Hampshire


Ohio Gov. John Kasich responds to Donald Trump's personal attacks on Hillary Clinton. “It’s a really good top of the story, you know, Trump is rising and everything,” he said. "Wait until we start voting, and then we're going to know -- we're going to know where people are."

"What Trump does is he complains about everything -- these attacks on women, the attacks on Hillary [Clinton] not getting back to the stage on time, the attacks on Hispanics and Muslims," Kasich said.

JON KARL: We now have a situation where Trump and Ted Cruz, the two leading candidates right now, in every poll, both say those 11 million undocumented immigrants should be deported. This is something that for years you, and most Republican leaders said was immpossible, could never happen. Are you, have you and other been out of touch with the grass roots of the party? What happened? Why do so many Republicans favor this?

JOHN KASICH: They don't. I've done 45 town hall meetings in New Hampshire, more than anybody running for president, and I'm surging, as you know, I'm now running third in the poll, one point behind second place, and really not that far behind Donald Trump.

I don't have anybody squawking back at me -- it's ridiculous. To think that we're going to go into the neighborhoods, grab people out of their homes, and ship people back to Mexico. It's not going to happen.

And so, don't get all --everybody's all hyped up about these polls. We're gonna know in 30 or 40 days...

I don't think that's where the party is , Jon, the party is not for deporting 11 million people.

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