Hillary Clinton Deflects Sanders Regime Change Attack: "You Voted For War In Libya"


Bernie Sanders hits all targets on the regime-change-doesn't-create-democracy debate, and proposes getting UN approval to build a wide-ranging regional coalition to slowly deal with ISIS. Hillary Clinton responds to his plan: "That is exactly what I just said and what I just described."

"Now we have a UN Security Council that is willing to let us do it," she says. "With all due respect, Senator, you voted for regime change with respect to Libya [in 2011]. You joined the Senate in voting to get rid of Qaddafi, and you asked there be a Security Council resolution."

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FeelTheBern.org says that:

Bernie hasn’t had a chance to vote on bills regarding Obama’s choice to join the Libya airstrikes. The Kerry-McCain bill, drafted by Senate Democrats who wanted to show support for the president’s military intervention in Libya, was pulled from a vote in July 2011 because Republicans promised to vote against it “irrespective of national security interests,” due to an unrelated protest over the budget.

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