Scarborough on Rubio: "Where Is The Beef?"


During a discussion about Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio on Friday's broadcast of MSNBC's Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough asked, 'Where's the beef?'

SCARBOROUGH: I want to go back to the poll here and Jonathan [Capehart] look at a number because this story is starting to bubble up everywhere. Marco Rubio -- proclaimed the savior of the Republican party by TIME magazine after he hit a triple in third grade on his tee-ball team in South Florida -- sitting at 9% in a national poll and these stories are finally starting to bubble up. What Mark [Halperin] and I and other people have been saying for a long time, where's the beef? Yeah, he can talk well on TV. Awesome. Is he doing what it takes to get elected? The New York Times [reports] his backers are now getting threatful. I saw this story yesterday... a story about how horrible his ground game is in Iowa and New Hampshire lessons chances and right now there's more and more cropping up: where is Marco? Where's the rest of him? Where is the promise?

Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart said Rubio's candidacy is like a village.

"It looks great, but once you get behind the facade, there's nothing there," Capehart said.

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