Cruz to Carolla: College Students Think It's A "Microaggression" To Hear Anything They Disagree With


Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz talks a flat tax, an election mandate to enact his agenda, the Donald Trump phenomenon, political correctness on campus, Hillary Clinton and more in an interview with Adam Carolla that was aired on the Thursday broadcast of his podcast.

Cruz called out "pampered teenagers" on the college campus, many of whom he says were raised in wealthy homes, who don't want to hear anything they disagree with. Cruz said that is "anti-academic" and an actual "microaggression."

"There are many on the left who I think are weakening this country," Cruz told the popular podcaster. "So you talk about, for example, universities. You see at universities these essentially pampered teenagers, many of them from very wealthy homes, who complain that they don't want to hear anything that they disagree with. That it is a microaggression and it is the most bizarre and anti-academic notion that you can have."

"I agree with John Stuart Mill," Cruz said about free speech on campus. "The best cure for bad speech is more speech. And we shouldn't be raising a generation of young people that are so pampered that they never have heard anything that offends them. Well, we don't have a right not to be offended. We have a moral obligation to speech the truth and to confront evil."

Cruz called out Princeton University, his alma mater, for a recent push to take down any memorial to former Princeton president and president of the United States Woodrow Wilson. Cruz attributed this to a larger movement to forget and erase America's history.

"Let's take for example my alma mater," Cruz began to explain. "I went to Princeton University. Now, Princeton is a remarkable institution. A group of students staged a sit-in in recent weeks in the university's president office demanding that Woodrow Wilson be taken down from campus buildings. Woodrow Wilson used to be president of Princeton, obviously became president of the United States."

"Now there is an irony, Adam, that Woodrow Wilson was a big government progressive liberal Democrat," Cruz said. "I am not a fan of Woodrow Wilson. I think he did a lot of damage to this country and it is more than ironic that the protestors are going after leftist big government liberals."

"The notion that we should somehow erase our countries history," Cruz began, "Listen, was Woodrow Wilson an unabashed racist? Yes. Should we talk about that? Should we condemn it? Yes. But we shouldn't be engaged in this bizarre process of erasing our history because it offends our ears. And I think this is something that the media pushes but I do think that the American people are fed up with. There is a reservoir of common sense that realizes this is dumb."

Cruz told Carolla while he doesn't think Trump will win the nomination he does look forward to working with him in the future. Cruz said Trump will be a "critically important" leader in the U.S. for a long time.

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