Trump Post-Debate Interview With Chris Matthews Goes Off The Rails: Won't Put "Birth Certificate" Talk To Bed


Republican front-runner Donald Trump talks with Chris Matthews about Tuesday night's Republican primary debate, his place in the Republican Party, and the value of war to the United States, but refuses to revisit his "birther" activism.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Is Donald Trump honest when he says that Obama isn't a legitimate president? Is this a good question?

TRUMP: I didn't say you couldn't ask--

MATTHEWS: It's a good question.

TRUMP: I wasn't going to tell you this, but I do watch you[r show] a lot, I don't talk about that anymore.

MATTHEWS: Oh, you get to answer the questions you like?

TRUMP: I don't answer, because if I do that's all people will talk about.

MATTHEWS: You're going to have to answer in the general election...

TRUMP: once I answer the question, they don't want to talk about the economy--

MATTHEWS: It's over. Catholics beleive in confessions. You were wrong and you move on. You really believe [Obama] is an illegitimate president?

TRUMP: I don't want to answer the question.

Did you have a good time? Was it a good interview?

MATTHEWS: I think it is a blemish. It is not a good thing. And I think there is a racial element to it -- we have a black president and you say he is not legitimate.

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