Scarborough Pushes Back When Brzezinski Accuses Him Of Stoking Fear Over Terrorism


"Morning Joe" hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski in an epicn clash over the Obama foreign policy doctrine, gun control policy, climate change, crime in Chicago,

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Our biggest problem to everybody's safety is guns. Compared to terrorism, woudl anybody disagree with the data?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The greatest danger in the future, is, and I sat back politely and you had to keep pushing me didn't you?

MIKA: What did I do?

JOE: There is fear, and a lot of the fear comes from the president's lack of leadership. When the president talks about everything but terror, that is a problem. When you say the biggest problem is guns in America, that is not the truth.

The biggest threat is that ISIS is making 50 million dollars which they can use on nuclear technology, which they can use to build a dirty bomb, set it up in the middle of Manhattan and blow it up. That's not fear mongering.

That's something people in the FBi across the government are concerned about right now. We do have a reason to be fearful, and more Americans are fearful of ISIS doing that or shooting up a mall than they are guns.

MIKA: Get the two maps up and tell me the president has not been on top of the problem that is pervading our society and killing people on a daily basis -- mass shootings.

JOE: You have Chicago, if it is not the murder capitol of North America, it is close. Very intense gun control laws. And the president can talk about that -- that's not going to make Americans safer from terror.

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