The Leaked Audio of Ted Cruz Which Is Bringing Attacks From Trump (In Context)


This recording of Ted Cruz from a private fundraiser, originally published Thursday by the New York Times offers a behind the scenes look at his plan to take down Donald Trump.

CRUZ: The final two candidates I'll discuss are Trump and Ben Carson. Both of them, I like and respect both Donald and Ben. I do not believe either one of them will be our nominee or our president.

Both of them, their camaigns have a natural ark. With both of them, gravity is pulling them down. Carson is further in that descent. Look at Paris, look at San Bernardino, it has given a seriousness to the race that people are looking for who is prepared to be commender in chief, who understands the threats we face. That's a question of strength but it is also a question of judgement, and it is a challenging question for both of them.

So my approach, much to the chagrin of the media, has been to bear hug both of them, smother them with love. Because I think people run as who they are, I beleive that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down and the lion's share of thier supporters come to us.

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