Ted Cruz: We Can't Remain "Blind To The Fact That There Have Been Mosques Used As A Nexus For Promoting Jihad"


TED CRUZ: This administration, from day one, has been driven by a radical ideology and a political correctness that blinds them to the enemies of this nation.

Radcial islamic terrorism has declared war on us, ISIS has declared war on us... they are endeavoring as we speak to wage jihad, and kill as many Americans as they can.

When the Obama administation cannot even say the words "radical Islamic terrorism," much less stand up and confront it, it puts us in a remarkably precarious position...

I don't think we should be indiscriminantly closing mosques, but I also don't think we should be blind to the fact that there have been mosques that have been a nexus for promoting jihad, and we need to use all of the tools of national security and law enforcement to stop any jihadist from murdering Americans.

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