Trump: "If I'm Not Treated Fairly" By Republicans, I Might Run As Third-Party


O'REILLY: The strategy now is to call you 'Adolf' and paint you as Joseph McCarthy or worse. Does this affect your family?

TRUMP: I've also been treated extremely fairly by many in the media. Yes, my family does not like seeing their father or husband ridiculed in newspapers. But in the end, they know it's because I'm up by 20 points and I'm doing something that has never been done before in politics.

O'REILLY: They're trying to brand you as a fascist and a bigot and a Nazi. Your business may be affected."

TRUMP: It could be affected, but if I lose some business overseas it has no impact on me. What I'm doing right now is more important than any business I own. What is important is that we have security for our country. We are going to build a wall, Mexico is going to pay for the wall, and we are going to stop drugs from coming across the border.

O'REILLY: If you don't get the delegate count to put you over the top and you are denied the nomination, will you run on a third-party ticket and hand the election to Hillary Clinton?

TRUMP: If I'm treated fairly I would never do that, but if I'm not treated fairly I might very well do it. I just want the 'establishment' Republicans to treat me fairly.

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