Bill Kristol: Trump Has Peaked, Won't Win Iowa


Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol appears on Thursday's Morning Joe to talk about the Republican presidential primary race and candidate Donald Trump. Kristol said Trump supporters don't "think about the implications" of what the candidate is saying.

"People I respect think Trump has peaked, that a lot of people are intrigued by Trump," Kristol said causing host Joe Scarborough to break out in laughter.

"You can laugh," Kristol told Scarborough. "He's not going to win Iowa. He'll run third."

"You have a bad record on this," co-host Mika Brzezinski said reminding Kristol on his prediction track record.

"Trump is a talented demagogue," Kristol said. "Cruz, Rubio and Christie are talented politicians."

"Maybe I'm wrong about this, but I have enough faith in the Republican primary electorate that they will select a talented politician over a talented demagogue."

"Why can't we just have a Rubio/Christie ticket?" Kristol wondered. "Or a Christie/Rubio? Or a Cruz/Rubio [ticket]? A normal ticket with talented politicians."

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