Laura Ingraham: "This Could Lead To A Crisis At The Convention," GOP Will "Rip Itself Apart" To Avoid Nominating Trump


LAURA INGRAHAM: There are a couple of different things going on in the hysterical response to what he said, people are missing.

We found out in San Bernardino that authorities missed a lot of obvious signs, terror red flags, they missed the fact that Malik did not have a legitimate address on her documents to come into the country, they missed the fact she had family ties to radical Islam, apparently there were lots of guns and ammo being delivered to this one house, but a neighbor was too scared to speak out for political correctness concerns, it went unreported...

There are so many inputs, so much information coming at them at one time, it is hard to sift through it and find out who is a threat...

This could ultimately lead to a crisis at the convention, the Republican Party basically rips itself apart to prevent him from becoming the nominee. There is too much money and too many people who think someone like him would be an utter disaster for trade.

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