Rand Paul on NSA Data Collection: Is There Any Limit To What "Authoritarians" Like Chris Christie Will Give Up?


SEN. RAND PAUL: There will always be people like Chris Christie, who are very willing to give up your liberty for a false sense of security. But I've studied this issue, and found that it didn't find any terrorists or stop any attacks. The court looked at this, one level below the Supreme Court looked at this, and they found it to be illegal. There is a big question here:

Are we willing to give up all of our privacy, willing to give up the idea that warrants should be individualized and allow data to be collected without anyone's name on the warrant? What Snowden revealed is we were collecting all of Verizon's records on all Americans. Not that we had suspension or were targeting our research or collection of record, I think it's actually made us less safe because I think the haystack is so large that we're getting lost in the haystack.

I would like to target the people coming here to attack us.

And I think people like Rubio and Christie and Bush, they're not ready to defend the border, I think really we shouldn't have let this woman in from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. We need to have limits on who come to visit us, and make sure they're not intent on attacking us. That's how we defend the country.

...I think we should learn that we can't have open borders. I've been advocating for several years now that students, immigrants, visitors, potential fiancees -- all of them need more scrutiny, I still don't think we have an adequate handle on who is and who are coming to visit us...

The Fourth Amendment is pretty clear. For people to say you can't access the record is just wrong. Once you get a warrant or have probable cause, it's wrong. The Boston bombing happened while we had the bulk data collection, the Paris tragedy happened while we have it and also in France they have the bulk collection but on steroids. They have a program a thousand times more invasive.

Is there any limit to how much liberty authoritarians like Christie are willing to give up. They'll come back next week and say give us more of your freedom, we'll protect you. The bottom line is we can't have complete security, but we can give up our freedom. Will it have been worth it if we no longer who we are in the process of defending the country?

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