White House Reporter April Ryan: As "Global Citizens" We Have To "Be Careful" About Making This About Muslims


April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) correspondent, appeared on MSNBC following President Obama's address to the nation on the threat of the Islamic State.

Ryan said Americans suffer from "short-term memory loss" and have "forgotten" Obama has "significantly downgraded" al Qaeda and also "downgraded" ISIS.

"I think as Americans we have short-term memory loss, I think," Ryan declared. "We have forgotten that this president has significantly downgraded al Qaeda. We forgot that. We also forgot than Osama bin Laden is no more, but the ideology has transferred into another group that is totally unlike al Qaeda."

"ISIS has been downgraded by 25 percent," Ryan said of the president's actions. "There is still that strong 75 percent."

Ryan also said as "global citizens" Americans need to "be careful" about grouping all "Muslim religions" together.

"There's a portion of this nation that wants to believe it is all about Muslim but it is not," Ryan stated.

"Let me say this to you," Ryan began. "We have to be careful as Americans, as people, as global citizens to watch how we lump this all together with Muslim countries, Muslim religion."

"There are some groups, some civil rights organizations, to include the NAACP. They understand and want a thorough investigation of this for an understanding. They want to make sure there's not a problem that is thrown against the Muslim community," Ryan reported.

"There's a portion of this nation that wants to believe it is all about Muslims but it is not," Ryan said.

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