Krauthammer: Obama Oval Office Address "Complete Failure" In "Substance And Tone"


Charles Krauthammer analyzes President Obama's Oval Office address to the country on the ongoing Islamic State threat. Krauthammer says Obama's focus on gun control is "a way to change the subject" from radical Islam.

KRAUTHAMMER: Woody Allen said showing up is 80% of life. In that sense, he showed up, finally appeared to address the issue. I think that counts for something. As to the substance and tone, I think it's a complete failure. The substance, he announced nothing new on strategy on the ground. He argued against ground troops, which is a political point, but as to anything he's adding to his strategy, there was nothing to encourage any sense that we're going to do any better.

This idea that this distraction into gun control I think is really cynical. The idea that the no-fly zone is an important issue... These two assailants were not on any list. They were completely under the radar. They live in the state with the strongest gun control probably in the country. Assault weapon bans, magazine limits, and universal background checks. And they were entirely undetected. This is a way to change the subject, and I think he continued in that vein. What he said about Muslim Americans is okay. I think that's a good thing to do. George Bush did that four days after 9/11. But at the same time, he launched a real war against al Qaeda in Afghanistan that was ultimately successful in driving them out of that country.

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