Kasich: U.S. Has To Destroy ISIS on The Ground, "The Longer We Wait, The More Costly It Will Be"


Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks with CNN's Jake Tapper about the fight against ISIS on "State of the Union."

JOHN KASICH: This couple had not been identified, so I think the issue of encryption is for real, itis serious, and Congress needs to get one it.

I don't believe that we can defeat ISIS just from the air, and I don't believe the United States can trust anyone else to do tha job.

I think the United States should be leading an effort to assemble a coalition, just like we saw in the [first] Gulf War... This is a much more serious matter, and we should be doing everything we can to assemble a coalition of our friends in the middle east, and we need to go and destroy ISIS where they are...

When people have no meaning in their lives, they begin to do things that sometimes can be totally crazy.

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