Cruz: Wind Subsidy Could Pay Electric Bill For 120 Million People, Ethanol Subsidy Wastes Farmland The Size Of Kentucky


In a speech at the Heritage Foundation, Sen. Ted Cruz made some claims that are shocking, if true. "Renewable energy mandates are arbitrary government mandates that distrot free markets and artificially raise costs for American taxpayers and businesses. In 2005 Congress passed the Energy Policy Act. One of the provisions in it was the renewable fuel standard, which requires that renewable fuels be mixed into our gasoline supply."

"One of the mandates included wss the ethanol mandate. Over the years, it has been proven there is a demand for ethanol in the market, but ethanol should stand on its own, not on the footstool of government."

"The ethanol mandate requires 16 billion gallons of biofuels, requiring a plot of farmland roughly equal to the size of the state of Kentucky."

Editors note: Also, the total energy cost of producing energy actually uses more energy than is produced.

"As a result it has diverted corn from livestock and the food supply, contributing to increased food prices."

"There are tax credits for almost every form of energy... There's enhanced oil recover credits for producing oil and gas from marginal wells, there's an advanced nuclear power generation credit, clean coal inestment credits, and crdit for plug in electric and fuel cell vehicles. and of course, the infamous wind production tax credit."

"Talking about wind: A two-year extension of wind credits alone costs taxpayers more than $13 billion. Which is enough to pay the monthly electrcitiy bills for 124 million Americans. How about putting that up for a referendum?"

"I don't think that would be a close vote."

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