Christie: Obama "Focused On The Wrong Climate Change"


MIKE BARNICLE, MSNBC: Governor, last night at the aforementioned town hall in Loudon, you sort of made light of the president of the United States being in Paris at the Climate Control Conference and when said that he's over there assembling a coalition on climate control and that if you were leader of the free world, you would assemble an independent coalition to fight ISIS. Do you not believe the president is doing this? You know that executives can do more than two things at once. Grade the president of the United States on national security right now.

CHRISTIE: First, Mike, let me say this. The president is focused on the wrong climate change. The climate change that we need is the climate change in this country. You know the climate right now between people and their government is just poisonous. The climate right now between the races is as bad as it's been in the last eight years. The climate between those who believe deeply in religion and those who are more secular is worse than it's ever been.


SCARBOROUGH: So following up on Mike's climate change question regarding Paris, do you believe in climate change? Is it occurring? And is it manmade?

CHRISTIE: The climate is always changing and we cannot say, we cannot say that our activity doesn't contribute to changing the climate. What I'm saying is it's not a crisis. The climate has been changing forever and it will always change and man will always contribute to it. It's not a crisis.

SCARBOROUGH: I don't know the exact numbers, but I know that we've had one record setting year after another as far as the heat on this planet.

CHRISTIE: I don't buy that, Joe.

SCARBOROUGH: What do you mean you don't buy it?


CHRISTIE: I just don't buy that it's a crisis. I don't buy the fact that it's a crisis. I just don't.


CHRISTIE: Because I don't believe it is. I don't see there's any evidence that it's a crisis.

HALPERIN: What scientists agree with you?

CHRISTIE: Listen - There are a lot of scientists who agree with me that climate change is real, occurs and that men and women contribute to it.

HALPERIN: What scientists are you relying on to say it's not a crisis?

CHRISTIE: That's my feeling. I didn't say I was relying on any scientist. I don't see evidence - I don't see evidence -- that it's a crisis. I don't.

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