Black Pastor Attacks Colleague For Supporting Trump: You "Walked Away With Nothing, They Did It For Free"


In a pastor vs. pastor duel on CNN Monday night, Rev. Jamal Bryant criticized his fellow pastor Rev. James Davis for not getting anything out of Donald Trump after a group of 100 black pastors met with the Republican presidential hopeful. Bryant called Davis and various other black pastors who support Trump "prostitutes" and "pawns" because they backed Trump for "free."

ERIN BURNETT, CNN: So you don't think he's a racist?

REV. JAMES DAVIS: I don't believe that. Again, I believe that his ego and his gravitas is so big that he doesn't have to pander to anyone and I don't believe that I was being pandered to or, you know, as some say, that we are his token sort of speak in order to go out and grab votes for him. That's not the case.

BURNETT: All right. So, Reverend, let me ask you, you were invited in the meeting. You chose not to attend. You are here in New York today but you did chose not to attend.


BURNETT: You just heard Pastor Davis say, he doesn't feel he's being pandered to.


BURNETT: He doesn't feel Donald Trump is a racist.

BRYANT: Yes. I think that he's a pawn. I think it's regrettable. I'm here as a preacher and as a black man to say that I vehemently oppose the candidacy of somebody who has been outlandishly offensive to every minority group in the country. From the Latino community, African-Americans, women physically challenge. And all the more Pastor James and Bishop Scott who are the -- Bishop Scott who was the chair of this meeting come from Cleveland. For a year, the Cleveland community has been an outcry looking for justice for Tamir Rice. And Donald Trump hasn't spoken to any of that.

We have not heard anything about mass incarceration, nothing about economic and equity, nothing about militarization of police and in reality is, this meeting was pulled together because of a rally that took place in Alabama where a protester from Black Lives Matter was roughed up and Donald Trump said to the press, that he believed he deserved to be roughed up. Now, to that end, if you will not meet with Black Lives Matter protesters, let me find 100 black preachers who are not civically and socially engaged who will in fact find a connection to the Black Lives Matter protesters who are engaged with this conversation. It is a very --


BURNETT: All right. So, yes, let's have a conversation here.

DAVIS: -- Because we're talking about Black Lives Matter.


DAVIS: And at the end of the day, that discussion doesn't need to be held on Fifth Avenue. That discussion needs to be held at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue underneath our current administration. All of these things that are going on right now in our communities is because of the people that are in charge right now and not necessarily those that are coming down the pipeline with respect to Black Lives Matter, with respect to our issues. All of these things that were addressed in this meeting. And if Dr. Bryant would let, see, I can't cut off someone because of something they said. We're not going to always like what each person says. So, I'm not throwing it away. And so, even with Dr. Bryant. Dr. Bryant so far to go out on Twitter and called the people that were in that room prostitutes. And I'm wondering --

BURNETT: He just called, let's just say, right here at this table, you just called Davis a pawn.

DAVIS: He called me a pawn.


DAVIS: He's called them a prostitute and said that we're using our pool pits as poles.

BRYANT: Poles. Yes.

DAVIS: I'm wondering, the women in that room, the female pastors in that room, they appreciate being called prostitutes and I'm wondering if their husbands in fact agree with being called prostitutes.

BRYANT: And I want to apologize because prostitutes get money and the 100 that went in there walked away with nothing. They did it for free. So there's another word for that and I would not use that language on the family channel. What I would suggest is that you couldn't find 100 white pastors to do the endorsement, not 100 rabbis. Not 100 imams.

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