Putin: "A Number of Countries" Are "Directly Behaving As Accomplices," to ISIS, "Some Are Even Making Money"


In this Russian clip with English subtitles, Vladimir Putin lays the blame for "directly behaving as accomplices to" ISIS on "a number of countries" whose "passive stance" led "to the emergence of this terrible phenomenon."

Putin continues: "We believe that any attempts at whiteashing terrorists, at condoning them have to be precevied as behaving like an accomplice to terrorism and an accomplice to criminality."

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Let us remind you that it is pricesely the passvie stance of a number of countries that often and directly behaving as accomplices to terrorists which led to the emergence of this terrible phenomenon, the so-called Islamic state... Terrorists with their illicit trade in oil, in human beings,drugs, cultural artifacts and arms have enjoyed such protection, and some even make money out of that and sometimes even hundreds of millions of dollars.

One would hope that after the terrorist attack against our plane in Egypt, after the tragic terrorist attack in France, the atrocious mass killing in Lebanon, Nigeria, Mali, the world community should finally come to the understanding of the need to pull together in the fight against terror.

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