Rand Paul: The Glaring Security Hole Ignored By The Senate's Refugee Bill


At Sunday's Presidential Family Forum in Des Moines, Sen. Rand Paul explains his objection to the Senate bill on screening refugees from wartorn regions.

SEN. RAND PAUL: If you can't name your enemy, how ca you defeat your enemy?

Nobody ont he other stage will even call it what it is: radical Islam. And until we have named the enemy we can not defeat the enemy, I just spent the week int he Senate trying to make sure the enemy doesn't come here.

ONe of the ways they could come here is as refugees, we all hve a lot of sympathy, my church has supported refugees. But we can't be vlind and say there is no threat. I had a altercation with a woman from the president's administration this week who told me that I can't say, and should not say that there is the possibility of terrorism from refugees, and I reminded her, I am from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and wo Iraq men, refugees, posing as refugees came to my town and tried to buy stinger missiles. I don't think they were messing around.

The two Boston bombers came here as refugess, we fed them, clothed them, housed them, gave the free education, and they killed... our citizens. So we have to make dead certain who epople are before they come here.

The House passed legislation naming only Iraq and Syria, I introduced legislation that names over thirty countries that have radical Islamic movements, and says if they want to come here -- to study, as refugees, to visit, to live, that we have to know who they are in advance, there has to be better screening of these people, and it is not going to end until we do have better sreening of these people.

We also have to ve concerned also about our allies. France is our ally, Germany is our ally, England is our ally. They can all come over here on visa waiver programs.

They don't have to get any visa, the problem is, I think most of the people who attacked Paris were French citizens, that's what we're going to dinf out.

There has to be a screening process, even for our friends. I say they should come through Global Entry... They should sign up, we should do background checks for anybody who wants to come visit us, that is the number one step in our defense.

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